From the top now…

Well, I did it.


I broke down and started a blog. After a long time (aka a couple of years) of saying “I don’t have time” and “That’s what Facebook’s for, right?” I finally caved. So here it is, my shiny new travel blog in all its glory.

Though perhaps it’s more like a travel/lifestyle/science/life at sea blog.

I feel like I need to throw food into that mix somehow.

Anywho, there have actually been a couple (of rather semi-serious) reasons as to why I decided to do this:

1. Instead of just dumping all of my photos onto Facebook (don’t worry, I’ll still do that!), I also wanted a chance to talk about the things that I did and places that I went.

2. This presents one easy way to collaborate all of my travel tales, without having to send out the multiple repetitive emails.

3. Science in general has been cast in a rather hazy shadow as of late. And it’s no secret that I work for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Most people who do know of us, just refer to us as “that big agency that does weather stuff.” Perhaps by putting a face and personality to some of us who work here, I can lend a bit of understanding to what we do and why we do it. This is not meant to be a place of political commentary or debates on climate change. It really is just my personal life. And sometimes I talk about science.

4. I’m asked all the time about what it’s like being a woman in a male dominated industry. I am very fortunate to have an amazing and supportive crew, and I hope that this blog helps answer that question to some degree. That being a female sailor does not mean that you have to fit into some set category. There is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in some professional shiphandling in the morning, getting your hands dirty with some line handling in the afternoon, then putting on some makeup and a dress to go party in town by the evening!

But that’s enough talking, here’s home sweet home! All 274 ft of her:


That’s all for now though. More photos and adventures to come soon!

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  1. You go daughter! As you said, “…give a glimpse into what life is like being a woman at sea” is a great idea and this a perfect forum. And what a great way to grow, explore and show yourself and the world that thresholds are made to be crossed; with humility the risk of the road less traveled is a wakeup call for the soul.


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