Icebergs and Penguins

After leaving Easter Island, we continued on south. And we just kept going. Until we couldn’t go any further.


It got rather chilly!

I’m afraid that I don’t have too many photos from Antarctica. I’m working on investing in a better camera, promise! It was a busy time and took a lot of work getting the ship all the way down to 70S!

Soon enough we had reached the end and turned around. Back north once more.

Somehow we lucked out weather-wise, and made it into the Strait of Magellan without a single storm to contend with.

And we finally reached Punta Arenas, Chile!


The view from the top was pretty great.


But finding your way around could be tricky sometimes.

That was alright though. Even if you got lost, it wouldn’t be too long before you stumbled across some amazing street art!

Putting my navigational skills to good use though, I eventually found my way back to the ship.



No, not that ship!


That one!


After that adventure it was back to my hotel, where regrettably I did not get very many photos. Can we just all agree though that this sink, which is representative of the rest of the hotel, is nothing short of awesome?


The following morning I somewhere managed to drag myself up before sunrise to go hop on yet another boat. It was worth it though…


To visit “Penguin Island”!


The lil guys were adorable though. It was all I could do to resist the temptation to try and sneak one back with me. They build their nests underground in burrows, and you could spot some running around with clumps of grass in their beaks to impress the Mrs.!

It was an amazing time, and certainly a great end to our stay in Punta Arenas.



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