Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is one of those places I remember hearing about as a child, mispronouncing it, and wondering “Do they have mountains of videos there?”

I never imagined that I would visit there someday. But our most recent, very short port call, had us there for a couple of days, and what an interesting city it was.

At first glance, it’s dark and grungy and almost unwelcoming. But any attempt at exploring around and attempting a couple of conversations in Spanish revealed that the exact opposite was true! I did not have a single bad meal (you can never go wrong with Uruguayan grilled ribs), open air markets beckoned from every side street, and I may have been caught a couple times standing in the middle of the street staring at the street art and historic architecture. This Seattlite could have easily spent another week there!

And no, I did not find any mountains of videos.

IMG_20170216_193121 - Copy

IMG_20170217_183409 - Copy

IMG_20170217_185752 - Copy

IMG_20170217_205604 - Copy

IMG_20170217_205928 - Copy

IMG_20170217_210012 - Copy

IMG_20170217_210103 - Copy

IMG_20170217_210312 - Copy

IMG_20170217_222750 - Copy

IMG_20170217_224246 - Copy


The dining room at my hotel.








And the library at my hotel. I could have just stayed in this room the entire time and been perfectly happy!






I was rather tempted to get one of these, but I’ve already got a ship I look at all the time!


I could write an entire blog post on the doors alone…



And one final view from the top:

IMG_20170217_183551 - Copy


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