Ron Brown Returns Home

Greetings from shore! Charleston, SC to be precise. 

During the last couple of days underway, the ship’s internet was shot, so I had to wait patiently to post anything. Not that there was a whole lot to write about anyway. 

The last week or so was simply a straight transit to the US, with no actual operations to keep our minds occupied. 

So that was plenty of time for me to dwell on the challenge I had coming up. 

The Brown has been deployed away from home port (Charleston) for almost four years. The map above shows all the places she’s been during that time. So this homecoming was kind of a big deal. The Rear Admiral would be aboard, we would have local fire station boats escorting us in, the works. 

And I was on the rotation assigned as conning officer. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it basically means I was the one who was giving the steering commands as we made our way to port, then docked the ship at the pier. All with a very large and high profile audience.) 

I’m proud to say I was successful. After all, I’ve only been training at this for the past year and a half. 

Once ashore, I quickly made my way to my hotel to settle in and get my bearings. One of the greatest things was having functioning internet again. I’m even posting this entry from my phone. Yeah, it’s about as annoying as I expected it to be. 

And of course, the first day in Charleston was spent exploring downtown and eating lots of food. I’ve got about a month to get to know this place (I’m also really excited about having a chance to cook for myself again), and that’s a challenge I’m quite excited to take on and share. 

No super exciting photos of Charleston today, I was all over the place remembering how to use a credit card and interact with people again. But here’s a small sampling of things to come:

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