Nautical Work and Nautical Play

Today was the official Welcome Home ceremony and reception, celebrating the end of a 3 year and 8 month deployment of the ship. 

I won’t bother with any photos of the reception. Partly because I don’t have any, and partly because photos of people standing at a podium can only be interesting for so long. 

There were many stats that were quoted, and many awards that were handed out. Here’s a sampling of mine:

A unit citation and plaque for my sea time, my Antarctica service medal, and the official copy of my commission arrived finally! 

The real highlight of the day was the photos of Saturday’s transit finally being shared (Yeah, I’m not biased at all) :

Once the reception was over, the rest of the evening was devoted to relaxing and hunting down a good seafood joint for dinner. 

After all, in Charleston, how hard could that be? 

Turns out it’s not that hard, but the first stop was a bust. 

Since the place we wanted to go was closed for some unknown reason, I decided to ask my new friend above if she had any recommendations. 

She did. But the options just weren’t quite fit for us. 

So we decided to try elsewhere, and oh buoy were we glad we did! 

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