Weekend Surprises

So I’ve been keeping a secret from someone in particular for about a month now. 

My bestie/sister from another mister has been begging me to come visit her ever since I arrived in Charleston. Little did she know, I’ve been planning a surprise visit for over a month now! It’s been so difficult to keep quiet about it, but we pulled it off without a hitch. 

Making a two day trip out of the drive, I stopped off in beautiful Wilmington for a bit of fresh seafood and sunshine. It’s a lovely little town and I made a promise to return when I have more than just one evening to spend there. 

As hoped, the seafood was on point. Thank you Northeast! 

With a bit of time to kill and an urge to go for a hike, I stopped over at Airlie Gardens. It was a bit early in the season for full blooms, but they still managed to deliver spectacularly:

Another two and a half hour drive and some schedule changes later, I found myself in a different city. This time I stretched my legs along a local river trail. And took a few final photos:

And I made a new friend! 

And as if that weren’t enough nature shots, we are currently on the road for some cabin camping in the mountains! More to come soon! 

2 thoughts on “Weekend Surprises

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  1. Awesome! Love your little buddy. But I just don’t see him agreeing with you about slurping down his bivalve cousin. However, I gotta admit, the foodie shot may be even more awesome.


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