Week in Review and Weekend Sample, Part 2

Work is in high gear again, and I’ve been confined to the ship all week getting ready for our upcoming fleet inspection. On one hand, it’s nice when the ship is empty and quiet, on the other that just means you’re stuck doing all of the work yourself, which sucks.

Anyway, it’s finally the weekend now. And I’m still working. Which also means that I’m mostly dreaming of the cabin in the mountain where I had last been relaxing exactly one week ago!

I know that I had promised more photos, so here goes:


Honestly, I think that arriving at the cabin was the best part.

And not just because we got lost on the way there!


So much planning and energy had gone into making this weekend happen, that the true excitement of it all didn’t quite hit us until we arrived!


It was great to get some mountain air. Which is a very different type of “fresh air” than what you get out at sea!


Of course, no matter how remote you are, one thing never changes: Coffee is always a requirement! Although this little cup may look unassuming (and perhaps unappealing to those who like a little coffee with their cream), but it was honestly quite the treat! Honey coffee from the Savannah Bee Company in downtown Charleston, this was just a little sampler that I picked up. And now I know I’ll be picking up a full bag o’ beans for my next project!


Once we got settled in, it was time to start cooking!




Veggies and marinated chicken were thrown onto skewers, then plopped onto the grill.


The final result was delicious and beautiful. So good in fact, that we ended up eating everything before I could even get a photo!


As I said before, the next day was for some nature hiking.


And “rock climbing.”


And river wading!


With the weather alternating between brisk and sunny, the hike was both refreshing and exhausting.

With plenty of waterfalls to be seen!


And of course I couldn’t complete a walk without trying to make a new friend! (My apologies to those of you who don’t like snakes)


And with the end of that adventure, it was a long drive back to Charleston and the ship.

I got checked into my new home for the next month. No, I’m not staying on the ship. And the best part is I have a real kitchen for a new weeks! So be prepared, there may be a couple of foodie posts in the near future.

For now though, I’m afraid the only pretty food shot that I’ve got is this:


It’s hard for me to believe just how many foods I hated as a child that I simply can not get enough of now: Mushrooms, peppers, raw fish, any bread with “seeds” in it (multigrain bread), etc. (Much to my mom’s dismay, I still won’t touch tomatoes) But now I can add squash to the list! I’ve always been a fan of pumpkin pie, but any other form of squash-type food, I just haven’t been too crazy about.

Until I discovered the joys of butternut squash soup, and above is my first attempt at making my own from scratch. With added carrots, shallots, and sage. It was amazing! Definitely adding to the list to do again.

And now that the week has wound down once more, I’m taking a break from dancing with immersion suits (and by dancing, I mean single handedly inspecting 96 of them), it’s time to get to know Charleston a little bit better. Where to next?

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