Hello. I’m Marisa.


^Yep, that’s me.


^And that’s also me, hard at work. Supposedly.

I’m fortunate enough to get to sail around the world for my career. I get to meet some amazing people, visit some beautiful places, and I wanted to share it with you!

My current home is the NOAA Ship Ronald H Brown, 274ft of research and excitement. My job is mostly to stand on the bridge (aka, the place where we drive the ship) and make sure we don’t hit anything. Sometimes I also do safety related stuff, bunches of paperwork, assist deck operations, and dabble in science. I surprisingly do enjoy talking about work, but mainly the purpose of this blog is to give a glimpse into what life is like being a woman at sea.

Official disclaimer: Yes, I am an officer. Yes, NOAA is a US Government organization. No, any thoughts or opinions displayed is this blog are not intended to be representative of NOAA or the US Government. They are my own personal thoughts and opinions, simply meant to be informative, and do not have any relation to my rank or role on the ship.

***This site is still in Beta right now, but updates are being made everyday!***

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